Three tips and tricks for business culture in Aarhus

Spanish Juan Jose and Moldovian Dan-Vlad Cobasneanu are the creators of Aarhus Makers, a cultural platform for artists in Aarhus. Here is their advice for business culture in Aarhus. By: Andreas Canvin and Fernanda Gándara Marchant   Network “The business atmosphere in Aarhus is informal and there is no  strict hierachy between the CEO and […]

Aarhus is ahead of the game, if only by a little bit

By Vanesse Chan, Ben Snider-McGrath and Olivia Høj Fälling No matter what country you go to, it seems like one city overshadows the rest. It’s bigger, it’s busier and it attracts more tourists and attention. That does not mean, however, that those cities are better than the others in their countries. Magnus Olsen is new […]