Denmark: The sale of ecological products is rising, zero waste is next level

Doing the covid-19 pandemic, the sale of ecological groceries has seen a rise up to 20% in Denmark. The development is seen in both physical and online grocery stores. RAA Aarhus is taking the next step. By Nanna Cecilie Madsen According to Økologisk landsforenings market report the target group of ecology are crisis-resistant, which we […]

The United States still #1 in COVID-19 Cases

As COVID-19 cases continue to surge in the United States they seem to have tapered off in other parts of the world.  Denmark was affected as were other European countries at the beginning of the pandemic but their leadership and collective response were quite different than that of the United States. CNN’s John King breaks […]

Education in Aarhus are expected to reopen

By Rasmus Fregerslev Like in most of the world, tertiary education in Denmark has been closed down and classes have moved online because of Corona. Now most of institutions in Aarhus are expected to reopen with students on campus. In the map below you can see how each institution in Aarhus are planning to reopen […]

Biking into CO2 neutrality

By 2030 Aarhus wants to be a climate friendly city. One way of reaching that goal is to increase cyckling. By Marta de Assis Eight years ago Aarhus was the first danish city, that transformed a street into a bike street. Since then the roadway of the street “Mejlgade” is primarily reserved for bikes. Cars […]