Synopsis-Holden Aguirre

Topic: U.S. and Danish interference in construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline from Russia to Europe. Headline: Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline probable regardless of Danish Energy Agency Decision Subheader: The Danish Energy Agency’s decision on whether or not the Nord Stream 2 pipeline will run through Danish territory will be released in a […]

Synopsis donor law by Inge van Breda

Topic Debate and possible change on Dutch donor law   Suggested headline, 5-10 words.   Dutch Senate decides on new donor law (8 words)   Suggested subheader (summary), 25-35 words. The Dutch politics will decide on a new donor law, which will change the system from ‘no, unless…’ to ‘yes, unless…’, and that is claimed […]

Dutch Senate decides on new donor law (not finished)

Today, the Dutch Senate will make a decision about a new donor law, where people will have ‘no objection’ considering being a donor except if they explicitly say ‘yes’ or ‘no’. After a very small majority by the House of Representatives, with 75 votes in favour of the legislative proposal and 74 against, the Senate […]

American attends Danish network event in Aarhus

By Madi Bolanos and Emma Severin An American Psychologist attended the Stambord event hosted by the Danes Abroad Business Group Online at the Dome of Visions, last night. “They were kind of targeting Danes that had been outside of the country and moved back. I thought ‘well that’s my husband’ but I’m an expat so […]